Isabel was born with the gift and stroke of the arts. Her passion for illustrations, painting and the vast history of the arts became quite obvious when she began producing stunning and spectacular projects in middle and high school. These talents brought her to Cal State Northridge where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art. After college, she worked in various arenas throughout the business world, concentrating in advertising and marketing.

Isabel's jewelry inspiration came about while caring for three young children. Realizing her time would prove to be too precious raising children and working full time, she began creating jewelry. After much hard work and many hours of dedication and productivity, the line I Jewels by Isabel was created in the early spring of 2008. She established her operation from her home and began using her talents to create many more designs. Her unique designs are the cornerstone of her business today. Since the establishment of I Jewels by Isabel, Isabel has gone on to create over 650 different designs and continues to create new jewelry on an ongoing basis. Most of her designs can be found at high end women's boutiques and is now named Isabel Iny.